1) How much have I to pay to send a message?
A) Opening an account with us is Free. We also provide free test credits in your account to try our services. One Credit is deducted for every message your send from your account . You can re-charge your account any time when you run out of credits.

2) What is credit ?
A) 1 Message of (1-160 Character) = 1 Credit. So 1 Credit is utilized to send a message to any mobile network (GSM or CDMA) in India.

3) Is there any charge for Sender ID ?
A) No - we are providing Sender ID at free of cost.

4) How much time will it take to get user ID and password?
A) Immediately, with in few minutes you can get user ID and password. If you forgot your password just type your username and send it . You can get your password thru another message to your mobile.

5) What is the max limit of sms from my account in a particular day?
A) In a single day you can send unlimited SMSs to any mobile number.

6) How much time will it take to reach SMS to receiver?
A) With in seconds but few times max of 15 minutes.



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